Nencki has sold and can supply the second bogie test stand NBT Loco 2x450 kN for locomotive bogies to Transnet Engineering of South Africa. Transnet is the South African State freight railway operator. For the assembly of new locomotive bogies, produced under joint venture with CRRC and GE and subsequent maintenance at the factory in Kodeospoort near Pretoria, Nencki is delivering a bogie test stand for 3-axle bogies, wheighing 36 tons. The machine can apply a test load of 2 x 45 tons, can measure wheel load distribution, axle and wheel shoulder distances and measure several important heights, to be adjusted on bogies. The first machine is already in operation at the location of Transnet Engineering in Durban, where bogies under a joint venture with Bombardier are manufactured.


SAM 0420